GCS to Costpoint Case Study: 
Neosystems Migrates to Costpoint 7
The Challenge
NeoSystems required modern software and database technology to operate its business effectively. The old system used a proprietary database that made reporting and analysis difficult. One of the major challenges encountered was the inability to leverage business intelligence tools that would put information into the hands of users more quickly and intuitively.  
As NeoSystems grew, GCS was unable to support new business lines efficiently; generate profit and loss reports for new divisions; or create invoices that mixed time and materials, fixed-price, and unit-based billing. Managers were bogged down manually manipulating accounting data. 

Our Approach
To tackle the implementation challenge, NeoSystems tapped its in-house Costpoint 7 experts to plan and manage the migration. NeoSystems strong technical consultants average 8 years of direct installation experience successfully installing and integrating 100s of Deltek Costpoint solutions for NeoSystems clients.

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